Remote viewing is the ability to travel psychically out of one’s body to remote locations. Scientist Tim Rifat reveals how remote viewing has been used in psychic warfare for more than 50 years and how the superpowers have used it to spy on each other . . . and on us. At the height of the Cold War, both the Soviet Union and the United States developed a new and terrible form of warfare called psychotronics.

This school of espionage used ESP and psychic spying as well as telepathic hypnosis and even remote killing. Tim Rifat provides scientific explanations of how remote viewing works and detailed instructions on how to learn the techniques-information that is taught in the US on courses costing many thousands of dollars. Ebook delivered as a PDF document, 395 pages. Author: Tim Rifat

  • Chapter 1: The History Of Soviet Remote Viewing
  • Chapter 2: Us Psi-Spies: Remote Viewing Is Born
  • Chapter 3: The Scientific Basis Of RV
  • Chapter 4: Paranormal Science
  • Chapter 5: How To Teach Yourself Remote Viewing
  • Chapter 6: The Cinema Method
  • Chapter 7: Memes: New Mental Software To Operate RV Programmes
  • Chapter 8: Remote Viewing Of Distant Locations
  • Chapter 9: New Developments In X-File Paranormal Technology
  • Chapter 10: Remote Sensing
  • Chapter 11: Remote Influencing
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How to use Military Psiops for a competative Edge “X-file management” (XFM) is a science of management derived from research into remote viewing (psychic spying) and associated paranormal warfare techniques developed by the superpowers at the height of the Cold War. The author has refined those that are applicable to the business world and made them accessible to civilians.

These X-factor abilities such as clairvoyance, ESP, mind over
matter… were systematically developed by the superpowers for use in
a Third World War. The author has applied these top secret protocols of
Psi-warfare to management science, in the process developing an off
shoot of this called X-file management. “X-file management” (XFM)
is a science of management derived from research into remote viewing
(psychic spying) and associated paranormal warfare techniques
developed by the superpowers at the height of the Cold War. The author
has refined those that are applicable to the business world and made
them accessible to civilians. Ebook delivered as a PDF document, 314 pages.
Author: Tim Rifat

Chapter 1: What Is Psi Ops Management?
Chapter 2: The History Of Remote Viewing: Us Psi-Spies
Chapter 3: The Problem That Psi Ops- Management Solves
Chapter 4: How Remote Viewing And Remote Influencing Are Taught
Chapter 5: Microclimates Of Opportunity The Organisation In A Changing
Chapter 6: The Delusion Of Forecasting
Chapter 7: Russian ERV
Chapter 8: The Human Factor
Chapter 9: Complexity
Chapter 10: Act First – Think Later
Chapter 11: The Cinema Method And Directed Attention
Chapter 12: The Destructive Feedback Cycle
Chapter 13: Why Things Can Turn Sour
Chapter 14: Making Our Feelings Work For Us
Chapter 15: Memory, Habits And Routines
Chapter 16: The Cycle Of Success

Chapter 17: Principles Of Motivation In XFM
Chapter 18: Enhancing The Company Culture By Use Of XFM
Chapter 19: Summary Of Remote Viewing
Chapter 20: Training For X-File Management
Chapter 21: XFM Management Theory
Chapter 22: Lean Management
Chapter 23: Horizontal Management
Chapter 24: Information Theory In Real Time Management
Chapter 25: XFM Information Networks
Chapter 26: Cells In The Supercell And Autonomous Action
Chapter 27: The Meme, Virus Of Good Practice In XFM
Chapter 28: Re-Structuring For X-File Management – Organisational
Evolution, Economic Benchmarking And The Rate Determining Step
Section 2: Psi-Ops:activating Latent Rs Abilities
Chapter 29: Overview Of RV Information In Section 1
Chapter 30: Psi-Ops: Remote Sensing
Chapter 31: Psi-Ops And The Investor

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