US DIA reports about Soviet and
Czechoslovakian Parapsychology

US DIA reports about Soviet and Czechoslovakian Parapsychology Research from 1972 & 1975

Excerpt 1 (1975)

September 1975

Part II


Psyhcotronic generators (also called Pavlita Generators after the inventor) are small devices said to be capable of drawing biological energy from humans; the energy is accumulated and stored for future use.

Once charged with human energy, the generators can do some of the things a psychic subject can do, but , according to the inventor, Robert Pavlita, can be charged by individuals possessing no psychic ability.

The concept of man as a source of unusual energy dates back at least as far as ancient Chinese and Hindu teachings, in which it was called “vital energy” or “prana”. Between the 18th and 20th centuries is was called various things (animal magnetism, odic force, motor force, n-rays, etheric force etc.) by rediscoverers of its existence. In contemporary Soviet and Czechoslovakian parapsychology this energy is called bioplasmic or psychotronic energy. The Czechoslovakian rediscovery of biological energy is credited to Robert Pavlita, an inventor and businessman from Prague who began work on his devices over thirty years ago.

Some representative examples of Pavlita generators are shown in Figures 3 through 7. No details of their construction have ever been mad available to Western observers, possibly because Pavlita eventually plans to seek foreign patents. It has been reported, however, that the devices are fabricated from various metals (steel, bronze, copper, iron, gold) and that their effects are a result of their form.

Pavlita´s generators can be charged by direct contact (e.g. rubbing or touching to the temporal region of the head) or by visually directing mental concentration upon them from a distance. The nature of the energy stored is still not understood, but over the years a number of observations about its effects have been reported. It can be reflected, refrected, ploarized and combined with other forms of energy. It creates effects similar to magnetism, heat, electricity and luminous radiation, but is itself none of these.

The energy apparently can be conducted by paper, wood, wool, silk and other substances normally considered to be good insulators. The devices have been tested by commissions of experts from the Czechoslovakian Academy of Sciences and the University of Hradec Kralove in Prague. Static electricity, air currents, temperature changes,and magnetism, were eliminated as possible explanations for the observed effects. In addition, the energy exertedits effect through glass, water, wood, cardboard or any type of metal and was not diminished.

Excerpt 2 (1975)

September 1975

According to both Soviet and Czch researchers, one major advantage of studying psychotronic generators is the reproducibility of their effects; in addition, they can be activated by nearly anyone, with or without any special psychic abilities. The devices may have other practical applications not related to parapsychology. The Czechs claim that irradiation of seeds with the energy enhances plant growth and that industrial pollutants have been precipitated out of water by its action (figure 7). These claims may be open to question, since in 1972, Zdenek Rejdak, head of the psychotronic research section of the Czechoslovakian society for Science and Technology, termed the experiments with plants and water “ineffective”

A recent newspaper article, quoting Pavlita, reported that his generators could serve as weapons; no further details were given. No information is available on Czech efforts to develop psychotronic weapons, but Pavlita has stated that some forms of his devices can exert both favorable and unfavorable effects on living organisms, including man. In experiments with snails exposed to the energy from a generator, a state similar to hibernation resulted. When flies were placed in the gap of a circular generator (figure b) they died instantly. In another test, Pavlita aimed a generator at his daughter´s head from a distance of several yards. Her electroencephalogram () changed, she bacame dizzy, and her equilibrium was disrupted.

In their present form and size, Pavlita´s devices could probably exert an effect on humans at only relatively short range. It is possible that their size could be enlarged or their energy amplified, thereby extending their range. If the Czech claims for these devices are valid, biological energy might be an effective anti personnel weapon. It would be difficult to defend against, since it apparently penetrates most common forms of insulation and its reported effects (changes in brain wave characteristics, disturbance of equilibrium, dizziness) could result in personality changes or physical discomfort which might alter combat effectiveness.

Soviet or Czech perfection of psychotronic weapons would pose a severe threat to enemy military, embassy, or security functions. The emitted energy would be silent and difficult to detect electronically (all though the soviets claim to have developed effective biological energy sensors) and the only power source required would be the human operator.


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